E27 AC85-265V 60W UV Germicidal Lamp Disinfection LED Bulb Ozone Disinfection Light with Socket Remote Control

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This UV lamp can provide 30 times the sunlight power. It can be used on a bed, a room, the surface of an object or any other place that needs disinfection! No bad smell.
Work process: When the light is on, you will smell a special odor. This odor comes from harmful UV rays burning particles in the air. -- Just like the summer sun, this is a normal working phenomenon.
Easy to install: The lamp occupies 500 Sq and can be used with any conventional screw-in E27 socket.
Widely used: all-round UV cleaning lamp: can be used for quilts, pillows, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, schools, factories, offices, etc.
Reminder: Do not let the eyes and skin touch the lamp while this lamp is working! Must leave the room. You also need to turn off the light bulb before approaching it.

Name: UV Germicidal Lamp
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Lamp base: E27
Power: 60W
Number of lamp beads: 170LEDs
Lumens: 2400LM
Wavelength: 254nmUV
Installation: Embedded
Control mode: remote control
Timing: 15Min, 30Min, 60Min
Material: Aluminum alloy + Plastic
Size: 60*200mm/1.8*4.9in

Cargo surface: (5 minutes / times). Keep items under 4 feet of light, such as cups, bottles, toothbrushes, shavers, cell phones, keyboards, clothes.
Small space: (5 minutes / times). ≤50 square feet as shoe cabinet, drawer, toy box, wardrobe.
Small room: (15 minutes / times). ≤200 square feet such as dog / chicken house, toilet, storage room.
Larger rooms: (15-60 minutes / times). ≤400 square feet kitchen, living room, bedroom.

1. Do not expose your eyes and skin to light during work! You have to leave the room. (Including pets). And, you need to turn off the light bulb before approaching it!
2. Before the lamp starts to work, you may smell a special burnt smell in the air. That's the smell of harmful combustion particles in the air. Please do not worry.

Package included:
Type A:
1 x 60W UV Germicidal Lamp 

Type B:
1 x 110V Remote Control

Type C:
1 x 220V Remote Control

Type D:
1 x 60W UV Germicidal Lamp 
1 x 110V Remote Control

Type E:
1 x 60W UV Germicidal Lamp 
1 x 220V Remote Control