T5 20 Colours Fastener Snap Set Snap Button Colorful Plastic Resin Clothes Buttons

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1. Model: T5
2. Material: resin 
3. Size: 1.15CM
4. Color: 20 colours
5. Type: #1: Fastener Snap Set  #2: Fastener Snap Set + Tool Set

1. Totally 200 sets in 20 color.(Each 10 set in a color).
2. Designed with retail plastic bag, easy to use and store.
3. Colorful stud for free selectionm suitable for children cloth.
4. Every set is consist of male and female snap and double caps.
5. DIY. You can use them for diapers, outfits, curtains, carves, there are many uses of them. 

Features of snap pliers: 
1. Light-weight & simple & portable.
2. Using for T-3, T-5 and T-8 snap (size 16, size 20, size 24).
3. Ideal for size 16, 20, 24 snap fasteners.

Package Included: 
200 x 4-in-1 Fastener Snap Set(800Pcs)
200 x 4-in-1 Fastener Snap Set(800Pcs)
1 x Tool Set(Only For Tool Type)